Motor Trade Insurance

Motor Trade Insurance

If you are involved with any aspect of valeting, fixing, buying, selling of motorbikes, cars or commercial vehicles, then obtaining motor trade insurance cover is a necessity for your business. Whether you operate on a large or small scale in your company or simply part time, a motor trade insurance policy is not an option for you! Detailed below are the most common sectors of motor trade insurance for businesses in the UK:

  • Cars and van importers
  • Commercial and heavy goods vehicles dealer
  • Dealership insurance to include those with multiple dealerships
  • Home or part time business of motor trade
  • Motor garage cover
  • Premises that feature auto car wash
  • Mobile valeting or car valeters
  • Mechanic insurance for those employed in the field of servicing and repair
  • Breakers and salvage yards
  • Accident management and delivery agents
  • Mobile mechanics
  • Mobile wheel refurbishment specialists

Considering the multitude of categories of the motor trade, each policy is very different so it important to assess the correct level of cover. Here at Friends of the rest we will ensure we get you the right policy at the right price. The policies associated with cheap insurance may seem overwhelming, but steps tips below will certainly secure a policy that is geared exclusively to address all aspects of what you operate in your business.

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Third party motor trade cover is the basic cover, essential for businesses such as car garages, MOT stations or used car traders. Often referred to by motor trade specialists as “road risk only” policies, these types of cover safeguard you from 3rd party injuries, damages and even death that could evolve from your company.

Third party fire and theft motor trade cover is an added clause to the above, and covers fire and theft of vehicles on your property. Over and above the aforementioned, comprehensive motor trade cover compensates you for damages to vehicles as well as the ones associated with your business.

Liability motor trade insurance is ideal for businesses that welcome public on their property during business hours such as car dealerships, restoration lots and is not limited to staff and repair. Liability motor trade insurance is available in three forms to include employer’s liability, public liability and Product, Sales & Service Indemnity.

A combined motor trade policy is designed to protect you against damage to tools and contents, home based garages and while it is not the cheapest motor trade insurance, it does secure you against the unpredictable. Are you looking to save money on motor trade insurance, see if we can help you get a better deal with a few clicks.

How to obtain motor trade insurance on the cheap

There are a number of ways to obtain cheap motor trade insurance, and one that is perfectly suited to your needs should a claim arise. Price is an important factor when getting the right policy, but keep in mind the cheapest is not always the best! Before you commit to a policy, get a quick quote from us to see if it fits in with your needs and budget. Getting a quote with Friends Of The Rest is not only hassle-free, but a great way to compare quotes and secure the cheapest motor trade insurance cover.

We do all the hard work for you and get you a quote in minutes,we are also well acquainted with the fine print of UK insurers and underwriters. In most instances, we will help you fill any potholes you may have overlooked such as updating or removing vehicles from the MID (Motor Insurance Database).

You may have questions regarding administration charges, age restrictions, social, domestic and spousal limitations, part time traders and no claims bonus so get in touch today to have them answered. The cheapest motor trade insurance policy must be geared towards all aspects of your business, and customized to facilitate the highest level of protection.