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If you own a motorhome or are just about ready to invest in one, motorhome insurance cover is a necessity. There is however several things to consider when shopping for the right motorhome policy to ensure you get the right plan to foolproof your investment. If you’re looking for an affordable rate, fill out the form above to get an instant motorhome insurance quote and start your outdoor excursion today. Whether you use your motorhome full-time or part time, motorhome insurance is an essential purchase and also a legal requirement in the United Kingdom.
Motorhomes offer you the flexibility to take to the road, explore and haul a few creatures with you almost immediately, and our motorhome insurance policies are designed to protect you inside and out. Some of our motorhome policy benefits include but not limited to:

• Discounts for low mileage
• New for old cover
• Discounts for secure storage
• Unlimited windshield cover
• Discounts on bundled policies
• Cover for alternate accommodation in case you get stuck
• Cover for medical expenses

With a wealth of expertise in providing motorhome insurance cover, we can definitely try to get you the best deal in the market so stop looking in the wrong places for overwhelming prices, get an affordable quote instantly. While motorhome insurance cover is just one more item to add to your list of expenses, there are several ways to considerably reduce cost of premiums. From bundles to safe driving discounts, the key is to make the right choices that can lower your typical motorhome insurance premiums.

If you travel across Europe, we may be able to offer you free cover for 365 days so click and get an instant quote if this applies to you. It is important to state how often you use your motorhome in order to get the right level of coverage and accurate price of motorhome insurance premiums. If you have accumulated a good no claims discount on your other vehicle policies, enquire about bundled packages even if the other vehicles are not insured by us.

Adding all your insurance policies under one roof doesn’t just entitle you to great discounts on overall premiums, but makes it more easier to manage with one payment per month or year for coverage on all your vehicles including cars, caravans, campervans and motorhomes. If you are going through this bundled route, you may also be eligible for a sign on bonus regardless if it’s a new policy of renewal of an existing one.

Another great way to save on motorhome insurance is to pay your annual premiums at once rather than monthly. The reason we are able to save you money when you pay your annual premiums in full is because it reduces our overhead costs associated with processing payments monthly. Adding to this, one payment for all your insurance is also easy to track and manage.

Statistics claim that most motorhome insurance claims are a result of vandalism and theft. Fitting antitheft devices in your motorhome such as immobilizers and alarms will not only safeguard it against theft, but will also reduce your motorhome insurance premiums. To avoid vandalism, avoid parking your motorhome in low lit areas or locations with little or no security. To add to this, limit the number of belongings you carry when travelling in your motorhome especially jewellery and cash items.

If you have named drivers on your motorhome policy, you may be paying more in premiums depending on their age and driving record. If they rarely drive the motorhome, consider replacing them with more experienced drivers.
Although it may seem time consuming, it is highly recommended that you reevaluate your motorhome each year to ensure you are paying the right premiums for what it’s actually worth.

Even if you have a stellar driving record, motorhome manoeuvring courses is a great way to lower insurance premiums. You not only stay updated on current road policies but also add to your safe driving expertise. If you’re in the market for a new motorhome, consider one with a smaller engine size and without bells and whistles you will never use.

In addition to motorhome insurance, we may be able to offer you unmatched discounts on campervan insurance, taxi insurance and horsebox box insurance so get an instant quote to see if we can help.